Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A visitors reflection on street church

“It was a crisp clear morning when we arrived at Burnham Park for the weekly Street Church. We bought a small sound system, song books, hot food and drinks and a love for the people who were gathering. Burnham Park is the central park in Baguio and boasts a lake with little boats for hire. Tourists visit, locals exercise, vendors sell and others live there in survival mode. The Street Church basically caters for the latter 2 categories.

The crowd of regulars were waiting with others still arriving plus a number of new people. Right there in the open close to the lake the worship began…uninhibited, joyous and heartfelt. Again there came that unmistakable presence of God and His goodness and people were openly touched and so thankful for God’s love in their lives. Angela spoke on God’s forgiveness and our need to forgive others. Even though it is in public, the people paid rapt attention. At the conclusion some received prayer and the testimonies of God’s interventions is nothing short of amazing. The people continued fellowshipping as we shared the meal and other people who were on the fringes came to receive food.

This church, which has grown quite large, is full of people who are now hungry to know God better. Some attend the Bible School His Heart runs weekly, many attended the day Retreat joining the other churches Angela oversees. I was at the baptism service where over 20 new Christians were baptised and a number were from the Street Church.

It is so thrilling to see all this happening. Every person with a story of the love of Jesus. Allen who came to Street Church 5 months ago who now has his wife and family back, Basilio the vendor (seen in the red t-shirt above) who was baptised along with his wife being cheered on by Willie and Gloria.
Willie was healed of crippling arthritis some 6 months ago.-

What a privilege to watch and be involved in something so pure and God glorifying.”