Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lives changing one by one

The kids streamed in the gates first, with infectious smiles and excitement, followed by the teens and the adults.  Today is baptism day!  We had filled 4 jeepneys for the 30 minute descent down the mountain to a swimming pool for this special day.  Although our entire family could not be there for various reasons, more than a hundred of us gathered to witness lives changing before our eyes. 

Our His Heart family surrounded the pool and the sound of worship filled the complex.  Strangers watched and even participated in witnessing this moving event! 

One by one they publicly declared their love for Jesus and their willingness to put behind them their old life.  

One by one we baptized them and worshipped.  
One by one, the Holy Spirit has drawn them to Himself, healing their hearts and their bodies. 
Yesterday, one by one, God poured His love and power on each precious child, taking this step for Him.  
And now?  One by one we will get more and bring Jesus His treasure. 
The harvest is truly plentiful.