Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've just returned from Purok 5 - part of an urban village here in Baguio.  We gathered this morning in houses to meet with each other and Jesus.  The ladies shared testimonies and stories from the week.  I don't usually get time to convey all God is doing, but today I wanted to just jot down a few stories...

A new creation
One lady shared that before she was baptized it was like she was reminded of every bad thing in her life she had ever done. She told us how she had hoped that when she went under the water that all those things would be left behind and she could start new, for herself and for her family.  Smiling through tears, she said that after she was baptized she felt so peaceful inside and all she wanted to do was sleep.  She felt like the sin and old ways of life were completely gone and she had perfect peace.  One of her daughters is a His Heart Sponsored Child and she is changing before our eyes also.  She has become hungry for God and is sensitive to His presence.  Thank you Jesus! 

Holy Spirit touched me
Just now, (after a time of ministry) I felt the Holy Spirit come so deep in my heart, that I just could not control my tears.  The only words I can say is "Thank you" but its not enough.  

Making things right
A mother shared, "Before the baptism, there were many bad words spoken, even in my jeepney as we were driving there.  I felt bad inside and so I went to the person and I said sorry to her even though I was hurt.  When I came up out of the water, all those feelings disappeared and my old ways are behind me."

God is awesome!