Monday, January 11, 2010

God showing up with the youth

I got a report from Helen our Filipina intern the other day telling me of what God did last Friday night. She has been with us for about 4 months full time and has grown so fast in her responsibilities and in her walk with God. It's so encouraging to watch her minister, even though she is a young Christian. She was nervous and worried about leading the youth alone while we are gone and she shared that the night before she was praying. "I was about to sleep, I was really worried on which ones first to do coz there’s lots I wanted to speak about for the youth night, but I just told God, “Lord you will lead tomorrow right you will just used me”. And I really can’t explain if I am half asleep, or awake, or just dreaming coz I saw Jesus entered at the door and sat at my bed and hold me and just said, “Sleep don’t worry”..." God is so good!

I am praising God that we can be here in New Zealand and yet He continues to pour out His presence in Baguio. While we are gone, the ministry is being led by locals which is a real milestone.

Read more of what she says...

"While I was sharing I felt that Jesus just told me to just worship him that night and so I told them that supposedly I have something to speak about but I really just want to follow Jesus. So I told them that we will just welcome the presence of Jesus which is really strong.

After sharing it I prayed and first time to really say everything that is in my heart. And we worship again, while worshiping I saw angels ascending on the stairs from the office and on every entrances, so I told them that and everyone is like overwhelmed and just opened their hearts to receive from Jesus , I prayed for everyone and just continue to worship for hours, everyone is just really in deep worship, lying on the ground with their hands raised, kneeled for long time, standing undisturbed.

After worship and praying when we looked at the time it’s already 10:30 and I was like oh my gosh your parents would get angry at me, so I told them if you go home could you share what you saw to them(hehe). And I just asked if they want more sharing and everyone’s like yes, yes, yes please even if late..

Everyone seems to see same things like angels singing with us, shao saw what I’ve seen, angels ascending. One saw his self running after Jesus. One said everything or every movement just stops. Bonnie said he felt Jesus’ hand on his shoulders. One saw a king on his throne. Someone saw vision of jomard just clapping and praising God. One saw a picture of flower(us), water(Jesus) and sun(God). One said she felt we are soo crowded in the room, coz angels are too many..

Sorry very long, I’m just soo excited to tell you everything."

Thank you Jesus! We can trust you with everything.
Thank you everyone for continuing to pray for Helen and the local leaders.