Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homework Club

A few weeks ago we started a homework Club for high school aged youth. It became obvious to us that our sponsored students and many other children from poor homes, were very disadvantaged because they had no access to resources.

They simply don't have money to go to the internet cafe to research. Additionally, most of them come from a squatter community and to find peace in small shacks is very difficult, let alone have a table and chair with light to work at.

So we have put together a simple program endeavouring to help them have the opportunities that many others have - the Homework Club.

The young people arrive after school, have a brief afternoon tea and come inside ready to study. After praying for each other, that God will bless them in their studies, they begin. If they have homework, they complete that or revise. Older students and adults help younger ones if possible. We are praying for at least two computers and an internet connection so that they can use the internet to research or to type assignments.

After an hour of quiet working, we have a short devotional and worship time. These young people are passionate for God and its always hard to stop worshipping. :) However, we have a full hot dinner waiting for them. They eat happily - often having plates of seconds. They leave smiling... and we know their hearts have been touched by the tangible love of God.