Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Touching Heaven Kids Baguio

It's only day three of our five day Touching Heaven Kids in Baguio, Philippines.

Everyday God's presence has been increasing.  Everyday He has been touching their hearts.  Everyday our young people have been serving with energy and passion.  Everyday I'm just amazed at what God is doing here.  

To see such a team of youth revivalists rising up and ministering was so far from reality a year ago.  Now... well there is no holding them back....

To see our children worshipping God with such passion ... well, I'm actually speechless and feel undone.  I'm amazed at God. His goodness.  His love.  His power.  His faithfulness. 
 Take a look at this rough video I captured on my photo camera. Not the greatest quality I know, but hopefully will inspire and encourage us all - that the King loves us!