Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kids experiencing God in New Zealand

Last weekend was our annual Touching Heaven Kids Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand.  Kids aged 8-13 years came from different places in the North Island and encountered Jesus.

Conference sessions, practical electives, small group times, crazy games, awesome praise and worship, healing the sick, hearing God's voice... all part of the fun! :) 

Here are a few words from the kids...

Touching Heaven Testimonies 2010

God helped me learn about him and how much I love him and care about him.  And showing me all those faces in my mind.  I had a great experience.
In my elective he showed me how to talk to people and have the courage to ask people if they wanted prayer for their injuries.
I saw a tree with my name on it.  God loves me.

God really touched me this weekend.  I really felt God.  I had visions, saw healings and saw many prophecies.  Thank you so much God.
I’ve experienced God’s love and anointing. 

I had a vision and I saw and angel.  I was blessed with the holy Spirit

He taught me how to talk to him and he showed me how to heal the sick.  He also used me to call his summon his kingdom and bring it to earth.
This weeked I had so much fun!!! Now I know lots of things about God.
God has helped me make new friends.  I saw the sick healed, saw visions. I can concentrate on worship.
I saw visions, made new friends, got to know God more, talked to him and had so much fun.

God filled my heart with love and joy.  I like the dance.
The worship was good so in my life I can do it myself.  It made me stronger.  Next time when we do come, we will have a good time.
God was there.  I danced.  I was filled with his love.  I felt happy.  I felt warm when people prayed for me.  Now all I can say is I love you Lord.
This weekend I learned that God heals people and that He loves me.
God taught me how to pray for people if they really need it.  Also he taught me how to listen to him.
I have experienced God’s peace and seen people healed either partially or fully.  Our prayers doubled a boy’s vision which was pretty sweet.
The presence of God fell on me.  I had !!!lots of visions!!! I heard his voice.
God has shown me some pictures that were AMAZING.  One of them was fire.
God healed someone through me and it was really cool to see her face when she found that she was healed.
God has helped me to be more confident to pray out loud and has drawn me closer to him.  He helped me to be able to worship him in the band and actually worship freely and be able to life up everything to the Lord and lift up my hands and just worship!

I got healed of my headache and my knee muscles were healed.
I went on the treasure hunt of God.  We went with our group to the mall and we were looking for the person God gave me that was wearing a pink top and blue jeans, so i found her and I prayed for her and she got healed from back pain. 
I met new friends, had awesome visions, played cool games, had a good sleep, worshipped and praised God and was filled with God’s love.
At 2010 TH conference I saw several different visions, felt God’s amazing presences and God also made me more confident in him.  I enjoyed the drama session.  Can’t wait till 2011.  Go God! 
God touched me and I saw a vision of angels singing songs of praise

Healing – and I really enjoyed it AND, words, pictures from God – I really enjoyed that too.  I liked the worship.
He talked to me for the first time.  He showed me visions for the first time. He made me not shy to worship.
It’s been great seeing God at work, healing my wrist and showing me prophetic pictures.  Yey God.
I asked God to fill me or just come to me and I felt the Holy Spirit in me.
Some people and I prayed for someone and his eyesight improved/doubled
I came a lot closer to God.  I made a lot of new awesome friends.  I learnt how to praise God in other ways.  I learnt how to pray for other people and heal them.  I met some really cool leaders who prayed for me.
He’s opened my heart up more to him and shown me his love.  He’s helped me to understand him more and shown me his glory!! God is awesome!  I loved this camp.  Can’t wait to come again!
He maked me more awesome!
He made me hear.  He opened my heart.  He loves me and he made me really happy.
When I was getting prayed for I suddenly felt joyful.  I didn’t know what happened until my leader said “When God’s holy Spirit comes on someone you might feel happy and joyful”.  So I had the Holy Spirit come on me.  That was the first time that happened!
I asked God to help me get closer to him and during praise and worship today I felt unstable and I was rocking back and forward and felt really warm!
God has healed my back.  He has helped me connect.  He has given me more confidence to pray.  I felt what it was like to have his mighty presence in my heart.  I experienced angels and Jesus.  The Holy Spirit surrounded me with his warmth and love. 
I felt more loved than I ever have.  I was touched spiritually and humanly.
I really felt God’s presence in a way I hadn’t felt it before.  I saw people get healed. I prayed for healing on my friends arm and it started to heal.  I’ve never done that before. It was SOOO fun!!!!!!