Friday, September 11, 2009

The Core Team

Well, we just got back from an awesome time down on the coast of our Island here in the Philippines (Luzon). Our core team went there for a retreat.  We prayed, played, planned and ate! :)  We are all so amazed at all God is doing with the people we are reaching and the plans are adventurous and full! :)
I wanted to introduce each person to you:
Of course there is me, and then my gorgeous daughter Yasmin, who is very creative.  Many of our photos recently have been taken by her and she is now the official photographer (taking after her grandfather - who was a photographer before he pastored).  She is also stepping up to co-lead the youth which will take some boldness but she has a wealth to give and many promises over her life that she will lead many like a Deborah.  So, this is a time of stretching for her and it will be very exciting to see all God does through her.  As you can probably tell, I am immensely proud of my baby who has grown so fast and is now a young woman.  She has coped with isolation from her friends in New Zealand, culture change, home schooling and the various other challenges of being a missionary kid.  She is simply the biggest blessing of my life.
Another blessing is Becs (on the far right of the lower photo).  She has been with us for almost a year.  She has very smart, methodical and organized and has beautifully complemented the team.  She has been tutoring Yasmin in maths and that has been amazing for me! (& Yasmin).  Becs and initiative go hand in hand and she is constantly looking ahead to see what needs to be done.  As well as being involved in many ministry areas, she's done an amazing job setting up and overseeing the school feeding program in which we are feeding 50 children now.  Always loving the one in front of her, she goes out of her way for people.  Sadly, she will be leaving us in December and will be hugely missed.
Paige and Kent are mega blessings also (left side of photo).  Kent was a Youth Pastor and later an Associate Pastor of a small church in Kentucky and is now studying full time at APTS.  He has a natural way of relating to the street people in particular and has been overseeing that ministry doing a great job as well as leading house churches, teaching in our School of Champions and filling in where needed.
Paige has a heart for people and is a worshipper.  She leads worship often for us and has done an amazing job of connecting with the ladies in particular.  God has given her a real heart to see people rise to their potential in Him and she loves to watch God change our ladies and see them grow.  Paige, like all the other team members is involved in almost all areas of the ministry and is an amazing, anointed gift from God.
I feel so blessed to have people like this running alongside me, and building God's kingdom.
What a team!  Thanks guys :)