Wednesday, September 2, 2009


For years, my daughter and I would pray together knelt down at the front of our church... 
"Jesus, we just want to be where you want us. You say the word and we will go for you, wherever that may be."
Never did I imagine it would be the Philippines. 
I imagined somewhere else. I imagined the cost. I imagined the losses. 

Never could I have imagined the depth of love I would feel for this nation. 
Never could I have imagined the joy.
The joy of seeing children coming off the street, in school, worshipping Jesus.
The joy of seeing family after family turning to Jesus
The joy of locals rising as leaders
The joy of hearing people so excited about all God is doing in their lives...
Today, at our after-school ministry for kids (pictured above), one of our sponsored girls, came bouncing towards me - face shining.
She told me how God had met her and some other young teens the day before. They had gone up on a huge rock and began to share their struggles and problems with each other. After this they relocated to one of the boys homes. When they got there the boy suggested they pray for each other and for their problems. As they did, the presence of God came into that house so strong. Chris May said to me "We did it! We had our own house church. Just like you do!" Jesus was shining from her. God is raising young revivalists. What a joy!