Thursday, September 17, 2009

May ...

Let me introduce May.  She is an awesome young girl with a small child and husband.  The story of her past is long and sad, however you can see Jesus in her face now.  She came to us about 6 weeks ago.  At that time, she was backslidden but desperately wanting to get back to the place she was before she was married. At School of Champions, she asked God to show her if He still loved her and if He was in her.  She then had a powerful encounter with Jesus and knew for sure of His love for her.  Since that day she has been set on fire for Jesus!

She came to train as a church planter last Monday.  We didn't realize that she was returning to her province which is about 7-8 hrs drive away from us.  She was eagerly soaking in all that we were teaching and at the end asked if we could do more training, so that she could learn and do the same in her province! 

Today, we had to say a sad goodbye to May as she leaves tonight.  She has bibles to give her family and has dreams of sharing Jesus with them.  God has given her dreams and visions about how he will use her.   Please pray for her as she goes back to a difficult home situation.  Pray she will be bold to pray for the sick and share the love and power of Jesus.

The speed at which God is moving in hearts is amazing!  May is a light for the nation.   We love you May!  Go change the world!